Monday, October 22, 2007

Could you play santa?

Hi everyone
not sure if most of you know but my husband served over in iraq and i am very proud of him. there was an organization called ARMS that helped us and many other military families. every year they give presents to kids of deployed soilders. here is a email i got and hope someone can help,


I am writing to my friends and family, because our Project Little Soldier (Holiday gifts for the children of deployed military) has become bigger then we have ever had it before. We are taking care of children from all over the US. NY, Colorado, Wisconsin, California, Utah, Louisanna, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and of course NJ and I need your help.

If you, your business, your place of business, your friends or even your church can sponsor a child or two (each childs total gifts do not exceed $105, some are as low as $50. Each child can pick 3 gifts of their choice) I would be happy, since I know all of you to email the childs address and and you can personally handle that child yourself. WE NEED YOU TO BE SANTA THIS YEAR. These children are without their parents (many their mom's) for the holidays. Let's make the holiday season what it's all about. Helping others in need.

Please let me know if you can do this. If you would like to do this in memory of someone, let us know and we will attach a letter explaining that this is in memory of that person. If you feel you can not do this and would just like to send a donation, anything would help.

Thanks for listening to me. I can be reached at the above email, if you have any questions. You cam also find a link to Project Little Soldier on our website that you can print and hang in your place of business.

Thanks so much. Hope to hear from you


if anyone has any questions let me know and i can get ahold of ronnie. thanks again for your support!