Wednesday, April 16, 2008

yummy cupcakes!

ok so all the new rage in scrapbooking is cupcakes! there is a lady over on cafemom i believe her name is starfish made up a awesome template! so thank you for that i am in love with these cute cards! i made 4 to try and sell, its more of a boyish theme! tonight i will be working on some girly theme's! these would make such cute birthday invites! the blue cupcakes are made with paper from TLC and the 3d embellies are from the $ store! the other ones i cant remember where i got the paper from! well thank you for looking and thanks to starfish for the awesome template!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

yay i remembered to blog!

ok so i made a goal this month to blog once a week, and i remembered! so very proud of myself. i did do a couple of tri-fold cards this week! thanks sara for the instructions, i am not a very good cardmaker so i am trying to learn. i also am in the works of making things to sell again, i do want to set up my blog store so i hope to get that up and running soon.

on another note, my back fusion surgery got postponed till april 24th, i really just want to get it over with but not looking forward to the recovery. i really hope this is it for me, i am tired and i want my life back.

monday was my birthday,i am the big 29! one more year till 30! and sean's birthday is may 5th he will be 2, i cant believe how time is flying by! on sunday i went to ac moore and picked up a few things. i got $50 from a family member and cant wait to buy some goodies! i want to head over to micheal's for the big cricut sale, i really want some more cart's.

thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

i need to take my own advice!

i posted awhile ago i need to blog more, and i really do. i have so many things i make and want to share and i always forget to blog!

well big news myself, and 2 other friends have made a forum for scrapbookers & paper crafters. most of the people on the board are other cafemomers, so this was kind of new to them! but i have some of my best buds on there as well! nana, Terry and jo have joined me-yay!

so here is the link to let's scrap!

alot has happened, i have been working on alot of things! i am finally caught up with my swaps and hope to scrapbook more now. on my own things and things to sell. i have been slacking lately. so here are some things from me!
ok for some reason i cant post the pics the way i want to, anyone have a solution for that? they always are uptop and that doesnt make sense! anyways thanks for looking!